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Art Programs and Projects

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Cheryl Pannabecker- Artist

Cheryl received a BA from Bluffton College in 1986 and an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture from the University of Cincinnati in 1990. She has taught Three Dimensional Design and Ceramics at local universities.  Cheryl leads Art and Nature workshops at senior centers, nursing homes and assisted living centers.  She recently taught Art Appreciation classes through Northern Kentucky University.  Cheryl maintains a studio in Northside and regularly exhibits her work.

Cheryl offers 14 art classes to choose from:

  1. Acrylic Painting on Canvas: explore painting concepts and techniques to make a keepsake painting on repositionable canvas that can adhere to walls, doors, glass, etcetera

  2. All that Glitters: Did you know that working with sparkly substances goes back to cave painting? We will learn the history of glitter, and then create our own sparkly masterpieces, transforming simple collage pictures we will make into glittery creations using the wide array of glitter products now available.  This project can easily be transformed into a Holiday or Valentine’s project.

  3. Deck the Halls!: We will look at the history of transforming interior spaces with plant material during the cold, long nights of the winter months.  Then we will create simple metal ornaments to adorn Holiday Greenery with. Cheryl will be bringing in assorted Evergreens, pinecones and cinnamon.  Participants will create their own fragrant door swags or arrangements in vases for their enjoyment in the Christmas season. We will exercise our creativity by making a unique decoration for these greenery bouquets with holiday aluminum metal shapes that can be designed, textured and colored.

  4. Sea Shell Art: Cultures living along the oceans have often incorporated seashells into their crafts and artwork. We will look at images of how shells have been used. We will then create our own picture using an assortment of shells and colored sand.

  5. Symbolists: We will be looking at their moody dreamlike paintings that are highly illustrative. We will then make our own “symbolist” art. Each participant will choose three symbols—both collage and stamp elements-- to incorporate into a painting. How these symbols are juxtaposed and colored, will determine a new and unique story. Participants will work with acrylic paints on canvas paper.

  6. Flowers, Pastel Drawings: perhaps one of the best known symbolists, became most famous for his wonderful pastel drawings of floral bouquets. We will look at his work, and then create our own pastel picture of a flower arrangement. Participants will have the option of including (through tracing) a silhouette of a face – as Redon was known to often do.

  7. Tiny Miracles of Beauty-Learn about the man who coined the phrase, "no two snowflakes are alike" -- Wilson Alwyn "Snowflake" Bentley. Bentley was the first person to photograph snowflakes. We will look at some of the stunning pictures he took, and then create our own snowflakes.

  8. Tiffany Glass-American artist and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany was best known for his stained glass. We will look at his work, which played an important part of the Art Nouveau movement. After looking at his artwork, we'll create our own window art.

  9. Art of the Card-Participants will learn about the worldwide Origins of the greeting card, from Egypt and China to its popular commercial developments in the U.S. Each senior will then create their own colorful card, using collage elements, stamps and paints. Cheryl can design the project to take into account the time of year or approaching holiday.

  10. Color and Shape Explorations-Artists will work with pre-cut colorful bleeding tissue paper to create their own composition. We will go back into these creations with paints, watercolor pastels and salt to make some unique paintings.

  11. Winter Landscape-Cheryl offers this mixed media painting program where participants will create snowy scenes combining collage, acrylic paint, textured white paint and crystals. Past artists, including Picasso, will inspire our work as we use color, texture and images to make original paintings that celebrate the winter months.

  12. Watercolor & Nature-Cheryl uses natural materials associated with the season. She will help participants arrange objects on watercolor paper to create a composition. These arrangements will be the foundation of a watercolor painting. Participants will use watercolor pencils and paints to make colorful paintings, accenting and responding to the shapes and patterns in their pictures.

  13. Grids and Spheres-Artists create their own picture design using only a straight edge and a circle shape.   We will look to famous modern artists Paul Klee and Sonia Delaunay for inspiration.  I will bring samples, straight edges, circles and paper.  We will explore composition, design and color.  The artists are then free to explore the patterns and color combinations that appeal to them. We can use magic markers, watercolor paints, or whatever appeals to the artists. This technique affords innumerable variations, allowing users opportunities for self expression and creative investigations they can continue long after the program is over.

  14. Circle Paintings:  Color, Space and Design- We will focus on arrangement and color selection to create paintings unique to each artist.  Circle patterns will give us the freedom to explore design concepts.  The circle explored in art is inspired by important painter and textile designer Sonia Delaunay, whom the participants will be introduced to.

  15. Skyscapes- The never ending shifting cloud formations highlighted and intensified by the sun’s position in the sky is our source of inspiration.  We will look to how master artists of the past depicted the sky, from dawn to dusk to nightfall. Our watercolor paintings will be inspired by Georgia Okeefe and our own observances of the sky. Artists will have cloud patterns to select and arrange to come up with individual compositions.  We will focus on learning watercolor techniques to help us achieve atmospheric qualities.  Artists will be encouraged to use their imagination and develop any shapes and images that may appear in those clouds.

  16. Our House- Artists will design houses of their own using pencils, straight edges and a selection of patterns.  We will address perspective drawing so houses can appear three dimensional.  Participants will have the opportunity to give their home a setting by employing watercolor techniques and paints to add a sky and landscape.

  17. Steeples- Our desire to look heavenward is manifested in religious architecture.  We will look at the history of Church Steeples, their design, function and meaning.  Artists will have the opportunity to design their own steeple – including the belfry and lantern, and will learn how to create a sky as a dramatic backdrop for their personalized steeple.  We will be working with watercolor pencils and paints, and architectural patterns.

  18. Birds of a Feather --hope is the thing with feathers—Emily Dickinson
    Feathers have a long history of being used in ornamentation and decoration along with being seen as symbols of hope and flight. We nod to the historical use of feathers as we create bird pictures.  The incorporation of actual feathers into this collage artwork will aid in our exploration of color, shape, texture and dimension.  Artists will have colored and shaped papers to select from, arrange and create these whimsical pictures.


The Cincinnati Art Museum Speaker's Bureau:

  1. NEW! Highlights of the CAM Part 1-A presentation featuring the diversity of the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection, concentrating on masterpieces in painting, sculpture and other media from the ancient world to Impressionism.

  2. NEW! Highlights of the CAM Part 2-A presentation featuring the diversity of the Cincinnati Art Museum's collection, concentrating on masterpieces in painting, sculpture and other media from Impressionism to the present day

  3. NEW! Designing Women: Cincinnati’s Dressmakers - Encounter the best in women’s fashion from the late 19th and early 20th century, and learn about Cincinnati women designers who made it happen. 

  4. NEW! The Art of Cincinnati- Celebrate Cincinnati’s rich cultural heritage with this presentation of art from Cincinnati, including works by artists such as John Henry Twachtman, Frank Duveneck, Edward Potthast, Robert Duncanson, Rookwood potters, and more!

  5. NEW! Landscapes in Art -For centuries, artists have found great inspiration in the landscape. Discover the variety of ways in which the landscape has been portrayed in art through a wide selection of examples from the Art Museum’s collection. You’ll never see a panoramic vista the same!

  6. NEW! American Art- Celebrate the artistic legacy of our country by taking a tour of paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts from a wide variety of accomplished American artists! Many of works often reflect American history and values, while others create a vision for the future.

  7. NEW! Gods and Goddesses-Learn about art from various cultures and time periods that examines how polytheistic religions are reflected and expressed in these works.

  8. Beauty Has No Age-Examine these exceptional works created by artists in their later years and thoughtful portrayals of older adults in art over the centuries.

  9. African American Art-This program provides slides and information about art by African American artists. A variety of media including sculpture, glass, painting and photography will be discussed.

  10. Outside The Ordinary- An Exhibit of David and Nancy Wolf's collection of Glass, Wood and Ceramic Art. The exhibit includes many colorful, contemporary pieces from the Wolf Collection.

    *These programs are provided to facilities inside the 275 loop.

Rachael Demir - Expressive Therapy

Group Members of all abilities and cognition are welcome to participate in any of the following experiences facilitated by Art Therapist, Rachael Demir.  Rachael has been doing programs with Creative Aging for five years now, but you may not have met her yet!  Rachael is an experienced Retirement Community Program Director and knows just what it takes to lead a successful and whole person centered group. Details of your program will be discussed following commitment to your program of choice including but not limit to: topic of interest, specific group needs or abilities, destination for travel program, or take away item choice.  Let Rachael engage your Group Members in a seasonal experience or try something new in 2016!

All experientials include art making followed by a discussion where participants share their work and discuss ideas and feelings pertaining to the process. Due to the high interaction level of these programs, group size can be up to 15. 

Rachael offers 4 experientials to choose from:

  1. Canvas Creation- Group Members of are invited to explore at topic of choice.  Ideas include but are not limited to resilience, faith, reminiscent topics, love and personal interest.  Group Members are assisted in expressing themselves using color, line, words, symbols, and movement using non-toxic  acrylic paint on a real canvas.  Once it’s dry it can be hung immediately-no frame needed.  Abstract art and personal expression for all to see.

  2. Purposeful Poetry-Group Members of all abilities are assisted in creatively writing and expressing themselves through poetry and tangible object.  Artwork and writing is based on topic choice of the day.  Topics include but are not limited to: Seasonal topics, musical genre, emotion of choice, popular topic, or famous poet.  Following written expression, participants are assisted in creating a related object using familiar items and reminiscent objects.

  3. Travel Treasures-Creating a token of your memory can be very powerful.  Group members in this experiential, can visit somewhere new or familiar, near or far, from Cincinnati to Istanbul.  Examples include but are not limited to: National Parks, Local Attractions, Historic Sites, and even Celestial Destinations. Group members are provided with education, reminiscing opportunities, audio, visuals, sensory stimulation and hands-on activity.

  4. The Power of Color

    Color is very powerful thing that influences many aspects of our life.  Group members will explore color symbolism, theory, and emotional connections while simultaneously creating a decoupage abstract work of art that can be used to cover bulletin boards, turned into useful objects or simply framed for display.  Objects include but are not limited to: Journals, framed work, bulletin board background, design objects, ornaments, and door hangers. 

          *This artist will travel inside the 275 loop only.


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