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A note from the Executive Director, Bev Ross:
From personal experience as an Activity Director working in an Adult Day Program for close to ten years, I have encountered individuals with memory impairments, who are all but disconnected from the world around them, sing an old familiar tune and recall their younger years.  I have witnessed a gentleman, debilitated with Parkinson’s disease, eagerly stand and dance to his favorite melody!  I have marveled at the artwork of individuals who were, at first, reluctant to paint because of their disabilities. And I’ve seen the sparkle in their eyes, reflecting a great sense of confidence and pride as they share their masterpiece! For many, it rekindles the sense that life is still exciting and there are still new things to learn, share and enjoy, regardless of their age or infirmities!  These are the moments that Creative Aging offers to our seniors!

Creative Aging:

  • works hard to save you and your facility time and resources by ...
    • researching new and innovative program ideas for you to offer your seniors
    • providing the booking of all programs scheduled through Creative Aging Cincinnati
  • offers programs that are screened prior to hire

  • provides ongoing quality assurance of all programs

  • offers a wide variety of programs to choose from
  • supports the arts community in Greater Cincinnati

  • collaborates with many arts organizations in Cincinnati

  • allows seniors unable to enjoy the arts in the community the oportunity to enjoy professional programs in your facility


What a few of our constituents have to say:

"I don't know what we would do without them". Betty C. (Service Coordinator)

"Bringing Creative Aging to our center has been a new and refreshing program for our members" Pam S. (Center Director)

"We are able to offer our members a wide variety of programs" Cathy C. (Center Director)

"Creative Aging has exposed the seniors to outstanding artists in all medium forms" Lynn M. (Director)


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