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NEW!!! Ashley Ford - Stephen Foster/ John Uri Lloyd

Artist Bio

Ashley L. Ford,  is a longtime "first person" historical character interpreter at Cincinnati History Museum, where he has worked with the interpretive staff on a volunteer basis since retiring from a legal career with Procter & Gamble in 1994.

Program Description

1. Stephen FosterMeet the composer and enjoy the music of America's most beloved songwriter, Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864), returning to life to remember his career beginning in Cincinnati in 1846.  Mr. Foster,  will tell you his personal story and accompany himself on accordion while sharing some of his famous songs--inviting the audience to join in as they like.

2. John Uri Lloyd - Meet one of the three founders of the Cincinnati eclectic medicine house Lloyd Brothers, Pharmacists, Inc. in the 1880s and with them benefactor of the Library & Museum that bears their name. Mr. Ford presents an elaborate display of photos, medicine bottle, microscope and books about Lloyd and the medicine in general.

Equipment Needs: Six foot table to display photos and other memorabilia.
Recommended For: Everyone
Availability/Schedule: May to December


Cincinnati Preservation Association- Offers Three Virtual Tours

Program Description: The virtual tour uses a memories theme showing both old and current pictures of historic and memorable Cincinnati landmarks as well as a narrative that highlights the history and current use of the site.
1. Cincinnati Memories - A virtual tour of Downtown Cincinnati from the comfort of your facility. Step back in time to visit Fountain Square, the Carew Tower Complex, the Dixie Terminal Building, City Hall, Findlay Market and Union Terminal to name a few. This program is sure to stir many memories for your group and will give you a great reminiscing tool to use.

2. Cincinnati Memories Part Two - Take this virtual tour of Downtown Cincinnati from Music Hall to Chester Park with stops at the inclines, Crosley Field, Eden Park and ride on the Island Queen to Coney Island.

3. Cincinnati Memories Part Three - A virtual tour of Cincinnati's memorable sites and buildings will re-kindle memories of Cincinnati’s history as Jeanne Rolfes, Cincinnati Preservation Association's Virtual Tour Guide, “walks” the participants from Lunken Airport to the College of Mt. St. Joseph and the Anderson Ferry to Western Hills High School; from Spring Grove Cemetery to the Mansions of Clifton, Burnet Woods and the Cincinnati Zoo as well as areas of town hit hard by the Great 1937 flood.

Equipment Needs: Projection screen or a blank wall.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open

Janice (Sunflower) Trytten - Native American History and CultureJanice (Sunflower) Trytten - Native American History and Culture

Artist Bio: Originally from Oklahoma, Janice is a historian, reenactor, professional hornist (french horn) and native flutist dedicated to lifelong study. She has released three albums of music. Listen here: http://www.fluteportal.com/music/165

Program Description: Living history reenactment, historical context and interactive lecture with soothing Native American music.

1. Visitor from the Plains - Hands on, interactive living history program. Janice as “Sunflower” reenacts the fur trade era with artifacts related to the lives of the Plains Indian. Soothing native flute music calms and opens the ears. A buckskin shirt is passed from hand to hand to be weighed and worn on the arm. Participants are shown and invited to touch bison and deer hides, smell white sage, see gourds, hear "deer toes" and more engaging all senses. Taste buds experience sunflower seeds or jerky if appropriate for the group. Participants are invited to share their stories.
Equipment Needs: Wheeled cart accessibility for indoor presentation.

2. Native Flutes Concert with Lecture/Demo - Participants are calmed with the sound of the Native flute transporting listeners to an earlier time. Janice will display her large collection of flutes, play each one and talk about their construction, makers and materials. She will provide a top quality sound system and can wear Plains-style Native American clothing.
Equipment Needs: Grounded electrical outlet for sound system and a 4' x 4' table or larger.

Recommended For: Everyone
Availability/Schedule: Open

Russ ChildersRuss Childers

1. Appalachian History - A history of a region using traditional Appalachian stories and songs to paint memories of the past. This program illustrates several Appalachian instruments and aspects of Appalachian culture.

2. Story Quilt - Russ and Barb use fiddle, banjo, dulcimer – and a few surprises – to reveal the memories held in the scraps of their full-size Story Quilt. Audience members choose from 12 different piecework designs on the 65” x 45” Story Quilt; they receive a story, proverb, folk belief, song, dance, or even a game in return. Each pattern offers a uniquely interactive fun-filled history lesson, and audiences often add their own stories in the process!

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone
Availability/Schedule: Open

The Taft Museum of Art Speakers' Bureau

1. Who's Who at the Taft - Learn more about the often outrageous personalities behind the serene portraits that line the Taft galleries. Likely to be revealed are the well-kept secrets of those very distinguished characters that had their portraits painted by the old masters many years ago.

2. Telling Tails at the Taft - Enjoy a humorous look at the animal life depicted in the Taft Museum of Art's collections of paintings, porcelains and enamels. From fearsome dragons to playful puppies, this presentation will place these creatures within their artistic contexts and will be enjoyed by animal lovers of all ages.

3. Christian Themes in Art - This Talk of the Taft seeks to recognize Christian themes that occur throughout western art history. Participants may make connections between their personal religious experiences and objects in the Taft Museum of Art collection. They may learn about art made outside of their own religious tradition.

4. The Collectors: Anna Sinton and Charles Phelps Taft of Pike Street - Find out about the Cincinnatians whose vision and love of art led to the creation of the Taft collections as well as the preservation of their downtown neighborhood. This program tells the history of the prestigious Taft family who lived at 316 Pike Street from 1873 to 1931.

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Limited availability. Please call Lisa at 200-6940. Available to facilities inside the 275 loop.

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