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In-Facility Programs

Creative Aging offers a wide variety of programs to be performed/presented in your facility.  Artists travel to each individual facility that is a member of Creative Aging to perform a one hour program. This format allows an opportunity for the artists and the audience members to interact with each other. Even more importantly, elders who are unable to travel from their facilities are able to enjoy these performances.


Our artists offer a wide variety of art programs to choose from where seniors will get hands on experience with an educational twist.

Allow yourself to step back in time with our programs on history and culture.

With our extensive list of music programs, you have a wide variety of genres and instruments to choose from.

Allow some creativity in your programming with one of our unique programs.

Get into the action with our wellness programs that offer an opportunity for seniors to not only learn a particular art form, but also to participate.

Many of our artists offer specialized programs for those special events. Check out our long list of theme day programs.

The holidays are a great time to celebrate. Plan ahead with our list of artists that provide holiday programs to suit your needs.


Click on the underlined program titles above or on the menu to your left to find a list of artists and programs for each particular category.

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