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Quotes from Activity Directors on the Benefit of Creative Aging:

  • Being introduced to programs and artists we would not otherwise have known about. Being able to plug into programs we may otherwise not be able to afford." 
  • First class entertainment at a reasonable cost 
  • Being able to offer high quality entertainment and lectures that would not normally fit in to my budget.
  • All of the programs that are available right at our fingertips
  • Able to provide quality entertainment to our member at a very reasonable cost
  • Get access to programs that we may not be able to get on our own and you go all the leg work for the bookings
  • We save lots of money, and the system is very helpful
  • Reliable professional entertainment and programs. Pay yearly membership and don't have to worry about monthly $ or no show entertainers

Senior Testimonials

When the musicians come and we all sit together and enjoy the performer, I feel like I belong. -senior, Bayley Adult Day

It gave my heart a lift. -senior

I have really enjoyed the entertainment programs at the Sycamore Senior Center. It’s great to sit with friends and be lifted up by the music. Many of the programs contain music that reminds me of happy times in my life. -Dori V., senior, Sycamore Senior Center 

All the entertainment brought in is great!  It makes me feel good- a whole lot better. -senior

This is absolutely the kind of stimulation that we need. -B. P., senior

The program was enchanting and very nostalgic for me -J. Miller, senior

I enjoy the entertainment and it is evident that Eldermount wants us to be happy and they bring in great programs. -senior, Eldermount Adult Day


Facility Testimonials

When you combine quality programming and talented artists, you get Creative Aging Cincinnati! The variety of programs to choose from is unbeatable, and the level of talent is remarkable. When utilizing CAC’s programs, entertaining is made easy. These are professional artists with solid performances making any occasion a hit. Thank you Creative Aging Cincinnati for providing these artistic resources to the community and making them affordable for everyone to enjoy. - Julie M., Wellness Coordinator, Hamilton Prime Club

This month alone, I utilized performers from Creative Aging to entertain residents for our birthday party, our mid-summer celebration, and recently our ice cream social. As the activities director, I feel each month I’m gearing up for a big event and at times it feels like I’m planning a wedding. Attending to the details can be overwhelming, but the one component I never worry about is booking the entertainment. I know if I utilize Creative Aging, that the performers are professional, entertaining and more importantly they care about our residents. They never ‘play down’ to them, they treat the residents like any other patron of the arts, and the residents leave with a smile. -Chris L., St. Paul Village

I just wanted to thank you [CAC Musician Todd Hepburn] again for your wonderful musical program today for the residents at Cambridge Arms! They thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see them singing and tapping their feet and clapping along.  Your music is such a gift and awakening of the souls of these elderly residents. I was pleasantly surprised and elated to see/hear the talent of some of the residents and we are talking now of a Talent Show! -Kris M., Cambridge Arms

I wanted to compliment Jody Anderson and her husband for the wonderful job they did entertaining residents at Bayley for the Halloween Party. Their interaction and exuberance was catching. Their musical selections were fun, festive and well-received by their audience. They also engaged residents and staff members in the program and encouraged singing, dancing and all- around fun. All who attended truly enjoyed the celebration. Thanks to Creative Aging and their wonderful artists/entertainers who truly care about the people for whom they perform. -Adrienne W., President/CEO, Bayley

 Our residents live independently because of programs like yours that help them to experience laughter and joy. Creative Aging programs go a long way in preventing depression and loneliness which seniors cannot escape from in their twilight years. Your programs draw them out of their apartments and help them to forget their pain, get involved and socialize with like minded people. -Betty C., Facility Service Coordinator

Creative Aging has a great selection of programs therefore providing a wide array of things for our members to choose from and enjoy. The programs have been beneficial to our new members- gives them a way to meet people and become involved in our center. -Activity Professional

I am so pleased that we have the opportunity to expose our clientele to the quality and diversity of talent we have been able to access.  It has been a joy to experience these entertainers. Our clients are very grateful to be able to enjoy this type of entertainment without traveling a great distance. We are so appreciative to be a part of this grant receiving group. -Donna V., Director

Creative Aging always provides such wonderful entertainers. You know when you book with them that it will be great quality and they make it affordable. I never worry how a performance will turn out when I book with Creative Aging. In fact every time a new entertainer comes to our facility, our members always ask, “When can we have them come back?” The programs are enjoyed by all and it is great that they provide a wide variety singers, musicians and artists.  There is something to schedule for any event throughout the year. -Activity Professional

After Todd Hepburn’s performance, one of our most critical residents (a former musician) approached me to say that he was very impressed with the level of talent we have available to our nursing home. Thank you once again for helping us run an excellent program. -Darci S., Activity Professional

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how very much we enjoyed the performance by Foley Road.  This was a great reminder of how much our membership with Creative Aging means to our program. We had a St. Patrick’s Day Family Night and everyone had a blast. -Darci S., Activity Professional

Creative Aging allows us to bring high quality entertainment and programs to our community that we normally would not be able to afford. It allows me to have all of these programs at my fingertips - I don't have to spend hours looking for a speaker on opera or a great musician for example. -Activity Professional

When the residents emerge from the community room after enjoying a Creative Aging program, they are smiling and chatting and have totally forgotten their aches and pains, and they are sure to carry this good feeling throughout the day. Thanks to you for your fantastic programs.  I don't know what we would do without them. -Betty C., Service Coordinator

The Senior Hilltoppers Club at Clifton Recreation Center, has enjoyed numerous events made available by Creative Aging Programs. Not only do we enjoy the artists and their talent, but as a smaller group we take advantage of traveling to other centers for the social aspect of the outing. We have come to feel comfortable and a part of a larger senior community through these opportunities. We value these programs.  The intimacy created with live music, storytellers or hands on crafts in our centers create an environment that enriches the spirit and the lives of our population. Thanks for this long enduring organization. -Arnell D., Clifton Recreation Center Director

Cedar Village has been a member of Creative Aging for a number of years.  The programs are always wonderful and well received by the residents living at Cedar Village.  The music programs are first class and very stimulating for our residents, often bringing back memories and always very entertaining. -Sally K., Marketing, Cedar Village

I believe our Nursing and Assisted Living residents enjoyed the sensory aspects of your program. The different hides, beadwork, horns, gourd filled with seeds and the stories behind each item were very interesting. The stories also sparked memories for many of our residents. Everyone seemed to enjoy the back and forth questions and answers during the program. It was truly interactive. (So much better than a lecture!) One other observation I had was that the residents responded positively to your flute playing. It was a great way to start the program. Your presentation was well received. Thank you. -Activity Staff

Bringing members of Creative Aging to our center has been a new and refreshing program for our members who have seen a lot of the same thing over and over. I have seen performers renew a friendship with folks at our center that haven't seen each other in a long time. We've had members hire these performers for events held out of our center which is a good thing for all. We know that the programs are of high quality and dependable. We hope to work with you in the future. -Pam S., Center Coordinator

Cedar Village has been a member of Creative Aging for a number of years. The programs are always wonderful and well received by the residents living at Cedar Village. The music programs are first class and very stimulating for our residents, often bringing back memories and always very entertaining. -Sally K., Director of Development, Cedar Village

After having booked entertainers for seven years, Creative Aging has breathed new life into the variety of programs we now offer. Our seniors have had only the highest praise, and their common request is that we “have them back”! -Cheryl G., Activity Director

The Creative Aging Program has made a difference in our facility by introducing new creative activities and entertainers that we could have overlooked in our searches for inspiring and entertaining our residents whom we consider family. Some of the singers and programs have and will be routinely added to our calendar by popular request. A recent favorite was DJ Dale Bley with the music bingo. Thanks for what you do. -Janet W., Activity Director

The seniors here at Lincoln Crawford nursing home would like to thank Creative Aging for the many years of service you have provided. We have had you here several times and our residents really enjoyed it. The music was wonderful. Our residents danced (even in their wheelchairs) and the sing alongs were great. Thank you once again. Keep up the good work. -Janice S., Activity Director

Creative Aging programs make everyone in the room get their hands clapping and their feet tapping as they sing along with songs that bring back so many memories. The members have said time and time again “Can we have them back again?", "I haven't heard that song in years!" and "I think he touched every key on that piano!" -Angela J., Activity Professional

Creative Aging has exposed the seniors to outstanding artists in all medium forms. The seniors have experienced the opportunity to express the silent artist within themselves. Their artistic expression has come through the music programs and art projects. The history and culture programs provide the seniors with educational opportunities. -Lynn M., Cincinnati Recreation Commission

It is such an addition to our limited program budget to have the ability to bring in professional in-facility programs to our members, especially those who are too frail or confused to participate in the field trip when we attend the large group programs. -Jackie M., Activity Professional

We all tend to use the same musical entertainers over and over. We are always excited to find a new entertainer. Your program allows us to offer more diversity to our members as well as the ability to use a professional in their field. I remember the day we enjoyed Cheryl Renee perform. She blew us away that afternoon and the members could not stop talking about it. I remember the comments, "Wow! She was great; I have never heard anyone sing like that before. When can we have her back again?" I know, if not for the programming at my center, my folks would not have had the opportunity to hear the blues performed like that. A lot of my folks do not always get to church or anywhere for that matter. It is quite a treat to have these choices. -Sheri C., Activity Professional

Artist Testimonials

Creative Aging Cincinnati allows my vocal trio to connect with an audience in a way that doesn't always happen with other audiences. The songs we perform from the 1930’s and 1940’s trigger real-life memories for those who lived through those times. They not only sing along with the songs, but are generous enough to share their experiences with us after the show. We cherish that connection to the past and enjoy the celebration these folks make of their present lives. -Roberta S., CAC artist

This week we played at Aspen Amber Park. Afterwards, a 97 year old woman came up to tell us she had to wait 97 years to hear music as good as ours. Then she sat down at the piano and played three songs from memory to entertain us. She was great. -Cheryl O., CAC artist

I have had some of the most rewarding performances of my career playing for Creative Aging Cincinnati. The senior audiences are thrilled with my music and respond very favorably. They seem to get more out of the music than many other age groups, often moved to tears. I always look forward to their uninhibited and enthusiastic responses! The folks working for CAC are always friendly, efficient and available, too. It is a delight to work with them. -Kyle M., CAC artist

I noticed the woman from Bosnia. She had long straight white hair, and sitting slumped in her wheelchair, looking downward. I mentioned that I had a song from Czechoslovakia, and she sat upright and her eyes looked right at me. Although the song was not from Bosnia, she recognized the word of the neighboring country. Then we played the tune from Sarajevo. She was paying close attention now. A big smile came over her like a sunrise. A woman from England came up and asked if I knew the Skye Boat Song. I walked back over to my harp and played one verse for her. She started to cry. She had grown up near the Scottish borders, and the song reminded her of home. -Nancy B., CAC artist

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing it has been working with Creative Aging. It is such a joy for us to be able to sing for the residents of your various centers and to see the smiles on their faces. When all is said and done I really think we get more out of our concerts than your residents. -Steve W., CAC artist

Today we played to a full crowd of wheelchair-bound residents, some of whom were bright-eyed and clapping or singing along or just plain smiling with pleasure at the happy music. It makes it all worthwhile and makes us believe in what we do, making music and sharing stories to displace the heaviest fog of discomfort. There was even some cackling at Russ’s awful stories.  It is SO HARD to frown when a banjo is playing—a real spirit lifter. -Barb C., CAC artist


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