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Drama and Unique Programs

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NEW!! Gary Lare - VentriloquistNEW!! Gary Lare - Ventriloquist

Does your audience like to laugh?  Ventriloquist Gary Lare and his characters are sure to get them going.  Gary has traveled the tri-state area bringing comedy ventriloquist shows for over 30 years.  His senior adult shows feature 4 – 5 of his zany characters and are chuck full of good clean senior humor.  A special feature of some of his shows is bringing up front 5 or 6 volunteers from the audience and turning them into human puppets, each with a different voice.  This has some hilarious results and causes the audience to roar with laughter.  Gary performs his shows March through November each year.  He needs to arrive one hour before the show to set up and needs an area approximately 10 feet by 6 feet in which to perform.

Biblesticks with Ron VanceBiblesticks with Ron Vance

Ron Vance started carving these Bible Sticks about 20 years ago as a hobby.  They have allowed him to travel all over the country, sharing the unique story of these carvings.  Each Bible Stick, in fine detail, tells a story from the Bible.  Ron will pass the carvings around as he speaks, allowing everyone to look at them up close. Please click on the title for more information.

Cincinnati Zoo - Zoo to You!

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden presents “ZOO to YOU” slide show programs.  Knowledgeable volunteer educators present an interesting program often enhanced by “biofacts” which are real life, hands on items like bone, fur, teeth.  Program selections are varied and presently include:

1. The History of the Cincinnati Zoo – This has been extremely well received by seniors. Over 100 years of service and philosophical change.  (Great program to bring back old Zoo memories from 1875 to 2000.  Great historic pictures and stories of the Zoo and how it has evolved).

2. What’s New at the Zoo – This story begins in 2000, where the “History of the Cincinnati Zoo,” slide show ends.  We will look at how the Zoo has changed over the past 11 years with new animals, new programs, new exhibits, new buildings and our focus to become the greenest zoo in America.

3.  Bats: The Flying Mammals – Features one of nature’s most misunderstood animals

4. Cheetahs:  A Race for Survival – Features the story of the fastest animal on land and what the Cincinnati Zoo is doing to save them

5. Rhinos:  On the Horns of a Dilemma - What the Zoo is doing to save an extremely endangered species

6. The Elephant: Nature’s Masterpiece – Explore the world of these majestic giants

7.  The Botanical Garden – Features the region’s leading botanical garden

8. Life in the Sea - Man has been fascinated with the oceans for thousands of years.  Explore the animals that live in and near the sea.

9. Zoo Babies-Meet some of the Zoo’s babies past and present.  Take a look behind the scenes to discover what it takes to prepare for the new baby.

10. Manatees- This program is about the wonderful world of the manatee, a gentle giant that lives entirely in the water.

11. Penguins, Parrots, Predators, and Other Birds - Did you know that not all birds fly?  This program introduces you to a variety of birds, their habits, and their habitats.

12. Amazing Apes - Meet some of the Zoo’s Apes and explore the different ape species.

The ZOO to YOU slide show program is presented in a power point format.  Please note that laptop and projector are provided but facility must provide a screen or wall suitable for projection.  Facility must provide microphone if needed. Programs are booked no earlier than 6 weeks in advance.  This program requires a minimum of 10 audience members.

Dramakinetics (DK)Dramakinetics (DK)

DK ElderArts Introductory Workshop

Through Creative Aging, Dramakinetics is offering a one-time, introductory workshop to demonstrate the types of activities that are used for their  10-week session inclusive arts program.  DK ElderArts allows participants to creatively express themselves through various verbal and non-verbal communication styles that are combined with modified physical movements.   Relatives and friends of the residents are welcome to participate during workshops held for 10 week sessions or longer.

Dramakinetics developed this biopsychosocial arts model to validate and support remaining abilities and caring relationships of residents who have Alzheimer’s-type dementia in supported living communities.

General program goals are to maintain/increase:

  • awareness and processing  of environmental stimuli.
  • circulatory function and physical movement.
  • responsive social interaction outside the program
  • meaningful interaction among peers, staff, and family.

Our full program is ten weeks; we come into the facility, teach performance pieces, and lead activities for a group of 15-20 people for an hour. 

The DK ElderArts program is designed for seniors with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia. STAFF PERSON MUST ACCOMPANY SENIORS FOR ENTIRE PROGRAM.


Every Picture Tells a Story- with James RosenbergerEvery Picture Tells a Story- with James Rosenberger

"Every Picture Tells a Story" (EPTAS) is an image-based program created by Therapeutic Storyteller and Musician, James D. Rosenberger.  For the past eight years his monthly, themed programs offered through Audible Therapies (, have been warmly embraced by activity professionals from skilled nursing on up to independent living communities. Based on these experiences, he has learned to tailor programs to the cognition levels of a specific audience and setting. Mr. Rosenberger begins to involve people with his trademark music offerings and then the interactive story fun begins! 

Developed originally for people with all levels of dementia and in memory care units, EPTAS proves residents with memory loss can still create, imagine, and have fun.  Through an interactive "show and tell" of a variety of fanciful to real images, Mr. Rosenberger guides participants to share and create a spontaneous story by reacting and considering what's happening in the images provided.  There are several program types to choose from:

EPTAS A—“Greatest Hits”, a diverse collection of people, places and things taken from Mr. Rosenberger’s 40+ years of photos.

EPTAS B—“About Africa” a travelogue of imagery from his 2014 Safari adventures in 4 different countries

EPTAS C—“Pursuing Peru” a travelogue of visits throughout this South American country examining its people, sites and customs

EPTAS D—“The Black & White Edition” featuring selections from the Canton, Ohio Historical Society’s glass plate negatives taken in the early 1900's and other black and white images from Mr. Rosenberger's archives.

 Due to the nature of the imagery playback which comes from an iPad, for audiences larger than 15 in number, the facility will need to provide the following: for groups 20-40, a microphone with stand (preferably wireless) and PA, plus a large (at least 25" diagonal screen) TV or Monitor which takes a VGA or HDMI input. For audiences larger than 40, the same audio requirements plus a video projector and screen are recommended, again with a VGA or HDMI input.  


John Louis-On the Edge of Illusion - MagicianJohn Louis-On the Edge of Illusion - Magician

John has presented at over 500 health care facilities throughout the country. He uses dazzling illusions, incredible juggling, hilarious comedy, live animals and audience participation to enthrall audiences of every age. John delivers a wonderful, inspirational message that real magic is living life to the fullest. Your seniors will be both charmed and challenged by this amazing performance. Great for an intergenerational program.
Special notes for this performer:
1. John will arrive one hour early for set up.
2. A cart is needed to transport equiptment.
3. Two 8 ft. cafeteria style tables or an equivalent are preferred. If your faciltiy does not have these, please let him know so that he can coordinate with you as to what would work.

Let's Travel with Janet DiemanLet's Travel with Janet Dieman

Janet shares her love of travel in every lively presentation she gives. Her audiences are swept away on a virtual journey to places they may only have dreamed of visiting. They learn about the country and its culture while viewing dramatic photos. During a "trip" with Janet, the routine and challenges of daily living fade away and are replaced by the joy of learning...and the thrill of being transported to places where new and unusual things stimulate curiosity and interest. (Preferable for a large group.)

Janet's travelogs are generated by her MacBook Pro laptop computer, which inputs images and sound to your flat screen TV (42" or larger) through an HDMI cable (which Janet provides). Alternatively, she can connect her laptop to your video projector (facility must provide), via your cables, provided that a member of your staff does the hookup and testing when Janet arrives onsite.

Please note that, because of other commitments, Janet is available only during the second half of each month.

Janet offers 14 programs to choose from:

  1. How I know I'm in Europe
  2. Swiss Sampler
  3. Hiking in Switzerland
  4. Cheese Making
  5. Swiss Transportation
  6. Scotland Sampler
  7. Foster Goes to Scotland-Part A
  8. Foster Goes to Scotland-Part B
  9. Off the Beaten Path
  10. All about Kilts
  11. Germany- a tale of two cities
  12. China Beyond the Guide Books
  13. China, Symbolism and Lifestyle
  14. NEW! Life in a Wee Scots Village

    Presenter will travel to facilities inside the 275 loop.

Music Bingo with DJ Dale Bley

Bingo is a favorite among all ages. Music Bingo is no exception. Instead of calling numbers, Dale plays songs by various popular artists that your seniors will know and enjoy. With professional DJ experience since 1979, Dale has thousands of songs at his fingertips. The artist's picture appears on the provided bingo cards. In addition, they assist participants by holding up an enlarged picture of the artist. This interactive program is sure to get your seniors reminiscing and singing along. Themed programs are also available. Facilities are asked to provide the bingo covers. Dale will also need an electrical outlet and a table to set up his laptop and speakers. Dale is available from May 10th thru January 10th.
Dale also offers: Music Bingo with TV themes and Music Bingo with Movie Themes.
Please specify which program you prefer when booking.

Red Skelton Remembered with Jennings BarnettRed Skelton Remembered with Jennings Barnett

Take your seniors back in time for this entertaining Red Skelton program. Jennings Barnett will delight your audience with his Red Skelton performance using characters, skits and pantomimes in this family oriented show as he honors his own childhood hero, Mr. Skelton. This program is available during the summer months or during evenings and weekends during the school year and depend upon his traveling.

Rita Wetterstroem- As The Story Goes-- Reading ProgramRita Wetterstroem- As The Story Goes-- Reading Program

As the Story Goes… reading to residents stories that rekindle their memories.  The selected stories are either of events that occurred or famous figures that lived during their lifetime.  Through listening their minds are engaged and discussion automatically occurs.

Some stories that residents have enjoyed:  Jack Benny, Charles Lindbergh, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Rosa Parks, Mark Twain, Joseph and Rose Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth aka The Queen Mum.  Inquire to Program Director for the full list of stories and/or topics.

Rita most recently added "The Story of the Arlington Cemetery".  Discover how it became one of our nation's most honored resting places.

This program is best suited for a small group and in a quiet room that residents can gather in a circle or around a table.


"Thy Word is in My Heart" with Melanie Moon

Over the years Melanie has committed to memory over 100 Hebrew Scripture, several lengthy passages, Bible accounts and facts.  Bring your Bible for a fun-filled hour that will test your knowledge of scripture and Melanie’s ability to recite Scripture straight from the heart! This program involves participants challenging Melanie's recall on these memorized verses. She also provides an interesting history of hymns and sings them to the listener's delight.

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