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Wellness Programs

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NEW! Introduction to Tai Chi - Jennifer Woods

Jennifer is a certified Tai Chi for Health instructor with greater than 12 years of teaching experience in varied settings.  She focuses instruction of the ancient art of Tai Chi on the basic principles of Tai Chi while making it accessible by people of all  abilities and providing all participants the opportunity to enjoy Tai Chi.  The slow, smooth and gentle movements are known to ease pain, relax, reduce stress, and improve range of motion and balance without discomfort.

NEW! Michele Vollmer -Dance PartyNEW! Michele Vollmer -Dance Party

Instructor Bio: Michele has over 20 years of experience teaching ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop to all ages.  She also is a certified Dance Jamz fitness instructor.
Program Description: Michele will use a variety of fun, energetic music and simple choreography to move all parts of the body.  Everyone will have so much fun they won't even realize they are getting a workout too!  The moves can be easily adapted for participants who are sitting or standing.
Equipment Needs:  None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open

Betty Finney- Motivational Programs with Wit, Wisdom and WellnessBetty Finney- Motivational Programs with Wit, Wisdom and Wellness

Presenter Bio: Betty Finney, founder of Oomph Betty understands the new paradigm of aging because she has been living it and still is. With the knowledge of natural health, her whimsical streak of humor and the idea of life’s later chapters has made a big impact on inspiring others. Betty is the mother of seven grown children and holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and a masters in Natural Health.

Program Description: Jumpstart greater physical and mental wellness through Oomph’s dynamic participatory programs which combine a unique blend of wit and wisdom. Whether you want to bust your stress, find the essentials for happiness or discover the keys to Growing Young, Oomph can give you a memorable and entertaining experience.

Please specify which program you prefer when scheduling.

1. The Stressbuster - The purpose of Stressbusters is to teach coping skills that facilitate stress relief. The program starts with a pre-evaluation of the group to determine what kind of stressors exist in your particular environment followed by a 1/2-hour to 2-hour instructive program that teaches the skills needed to overcome those specific stressors. The length of the presentation is custom fit depending on the needs of the organization. The session is loaded with research information about power of stress relief in our lives and teaches coping skills people can use on an ongoing basis. A follow-up program is designed to train a group leader who will implement the program on-site for continued benefits. The follow-up program can also be tailored into a series of short recurring visits to insure the longevity of the program.

2. Growing Young - Growing Young is a program that will shift your perception from aging to ageless. Be transformed from a frail, stifled brain, dampened spirited person to a blooming mind, high energy, vibrant human being.

3. The Happiness Program - Groundbreaking scientific research says that we have the ability to be happy and can change 40% of our happiness levels. That 40% is not changing our circumstances (seeking wealth, attractiveness or better workplace), but in our daily intentional activities. It is our power to fashion happiness ourselves.

4. History of Comedy - educational program
5. The Wild Wild West - educational program
6. What’s a Mexican Fiesta? - educational program

Equipment Needs:  None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open

Chair Yoga with Joan Riemar

Instructor Bio: Joan Riemar is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 30 years. Her love for yoga developed through a desire for a healthy and holistic lifestyle.
Program Description: Chair based yoga is a fun and excellent form of yoga designed for those who desire the benefits of gentle stretching while sitting in a chair or using a chair for additional support. Yoga promotes radiant health as it stretches and tones your muscles, spine and skeletal system. Our practice focuses on the whole body leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.
Equipment Needs:  None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Facilities inside and five miles beyond the 275 loop.

Introduction to HealthRHYTHMS®Introduction to HealthRHYTHMS®

Program Description: Evidence-based recreational group drumming for groups of 10 up to 30.  One-hour, ten-step protocol includes seated wellness exercise, shaker and drum activities, and guided imagery. Proven results for groups of seniors and for staff or caregivers.  Can be expanded into multi-week series. For information on the benefits, visit:
Equipment Needs: All instruments and facilitator provided. Requires a completed circle of seating and CD player (optional).
Recommended For: Seniors, staff and caregivers
Schedule/Availability: Open

Introduction to the Mountain Dulcimer with Nancy Bick Clark

Instructor Bio: Award-winning instructor Nancy Bick Clark taught Appalachian mountain dulcimer for ten years at the UC College of Evening and Continuing Education, and has taught workshops at regional dulcimer festivals, including Wyoming Dulcifest and the Great Black Swamp Dulcimer Festival. A sanctioned judge for the Scottish Harp Society of America, Nancy has taught harp at national conferences, Scottish Games throughout the southeastern U.S. and at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Program Description: A hands-on introductory workshop to the Appalachian mountain dulcimer, which is played on the lap with a pick. The lower strings serve as drones, and the melody is created on only the first string. The player can follow the numbers on the music and the frets to make a song. The class will learn two to three songs in the first hour, as well as some rudiments of the instrument. Class size is limited to 7 to maximize individual attention. For resident populations with special needs, it is requested that a staff member be on hand to assist the instructor.

1. Introducing the Mountain Dulcimer - With familiar tunes.
2. Sounds of the Season - A special class to teach some Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone, for resident populations with special needs, it is requested that a staff member be on hand to assist the instructor.
Schedule/Availability: Facilities inside the 275 loop.

Melanie Moon - SilverSneakers and Yoga Instructor

Instructor Bio: Melanie is a SilverSneakers Flex Fitness Instructor and is trained in the art of Healing Touch.

Program Description: Enjoy a full hour of stretching and movement that will enhance calm, flexibility and balance. A calm and quiet atmosphere of dimmed lights and soft music will usher in the healing your body needs.

1. Chair Exercise - A 60-minute chair exercise that includes chair yoga wherein participants focus on breathing, posture, strength, stretch, balance, aerobics and end with a meditation. Enjoy a full hour of stretching and movement that will enhance calm and improve flexibility and balance.
2. Gentle Beginner’s Yoga - A full hour of stretching and movement that will enhance calm, improve flexibility and balance.
3. Modified Primary Yoga - For more advanced students who can get up and down from the floor.
4. Meditation Session - Melanie will set an atmosphere conducive to release and relaxation by leading participants in mindfully concentrating on that which is positive and uplifting, this practice helps one reduce stress, respond calmly to stressful situations and focus to facilitate learning. Participants return to the present refreshed, renewed and ready to meet the challenges of the day. 
5. Healing Touch - Melanie also offers her skills at using her hands in motion, pain drain, ultrasound and other techniques to help your body heal itself, release stress, and reduce pain.  A calm and quiet atmosphere of dimmed lights and soft music will usher in the healing your body needs. Melanie can serve four people in 60 minutes at 15 minutes per person.
Equipment Needs:  None
Recommended For: Everyone, see individual offerings for details
Schedule/Availability: Open


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