Dale Bley

Music Bingo


Artist Bio: With professional DJ experience since 1979, Dale has thousands of songs at his fingertips.
Program Description: Bingo is a favorite among all ages and Music Bingo is no exception. Instead of calling numbers, Dale plays songs by various popular artists that your seniors will know and enjoy. The artist’s picture appears on the provided bingo cards and Dale will hold up an enlarged picture of the artist. This interactive program is sure to get your seniors reminiscing and singing along.

1. Music Bingo (songs of 40s, 50s, 60s)
2. Music Bingo 2
3. Broadway/Musical Bingo
4. Music Bingo with TV Themes (from 40s-60s)
5. Music Bingo with Movie Themes (from 40s-60s)
6. Holy Music Bingo (Religious songs that charted on billboard)
7. Motown Music Bingo (Soul, R&B and Motown songs)

Please specify which program you prefer when booking.

Equipment Needs: Bingo covers, an electrical outlet and a table to set up his laptop and speakers.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: May 10th thru January 10th.