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Janet Dieman – Let’s Travel

Travel Program


Program Description: Janet shares her love of travel in every lively presentation she gives. Her audiences are swept away on a virtual journey to places they may only have dreamed of visiting. They learn about the country and its culture while viewing dramatic photos. During a “trip” with Janet, the routine and challenges of daily living fade away and are replaced by the joy of learning and the thrill of being transported to places where new and unusual things stimulate curiosity and interest.

1. How I know I’m in Europe

2. Swiss Sampler

3. Hiking in Switzerland

4. Cheese Making

5. Swiss Transportation

6. Scotland Sampler

7. Scotland, A First Glimpse

8. Scotland, A Return Trip

9. Off the Beaten Path

10. All About Kilts

11. Germany: A Tale of Two Cities

12. China: Beyond the Guide Books

13. Harp Seals

14. Life in a Wee Scots Village

15. Highlights from Holland

16. New – Did You Notice?

Equipment Needs: Janet’s travelogs are generated by her MacBook Pro laptop computer, which inputs images and sound to your flat screen TV (42″ or larger) through an HDMI cable (which Janet provides). Alternatively, she can connect her laptop to your video projector (facility must provide), via your cables, provided that a member of your staff does the hookup and testing when Janet arrives onsite.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Facilities inside the 275 loop.