Les Tacy

Guitar, Piano,  and Vocals


Artist Bio:  Les Tacy is the Music Director at Heritage Church in Anderson Township, Ohio.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in music and has played at a variety of venues.  Les can perform a musical set with guitar and vocal, piano only, and/or piano and vocal.  He can also combine these sets into one performance if so desired

Program Description:  For the guitar and vocal set, Les can perform folk, country, blues, and light rock styles.  For the piano and/or piano and vocal set, Les offers music featuring many musical styles.  Musical styles may include jazz, classical, Broadway, rock, blues, spirituals, folk, and gospel.

Whether you want background music for a social event, or want a stand-up performance, Les Tacy can bring the joy of music to your group.

Equipment Needs: Piano
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Les lives on the east side of Cincinnati so he prefers to play in that area.