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Creative Aging welcomes financial support from individuals, companies, and foundations as an important way to help fulfill our mission to enrich and enhance the lives of as many seniors as possible with high-quality arts experiences. 

Many of our donors have experienced, through a loved one, the truly transformative impact of the arts on the elderly. If you would like to designate a gift in honor of a loved one or sponsor a facility in their honor, please call Bev Ross, Executive Director at 513-561-7500. 

Why Give to Creative Aging?

 A note from a board member and supporter:

"My grandmother gave me many gifts in her life. She taught me the value of hard work, that women make formidable business people, the importance of giving back to your community, and that you should never give up on a person or plant no matter how much they seem like a lost cause.

When her health required her to move into an assisted living home and later a nursing home her greatest desire was to get out and experience new things like she had when she lived independently. She lived in lovely facilities with kind caregivers and frequent visitors, but her days did not have a lot of variety. That was difficult for her. My favorite memories of her later years were when I would visit after she had experienced a special musical performance or artistic demonstration.

These brief interludes in her day would provide her with weeks of enjoyment as she told every. single. visitor. about the experience. She would describe the artist, sing the music, share the stories, revel in how much her friends enjoyed the experience and glow with excitement. Aside from visiting grandchildren and great-grandchildren, these were the brightest spots in her days.

When I found Creative Aging and realized that their mission was to provide the exact experiences that brought her joy later in life- I felt like I had been given a gift. Creative Aging allows me to help provide arts experiences for seniors, like my grandmother. I did not have the opportunity to do this for her, but I am so grateful I can honor her by making support of this mission one of her many legacies in the world."

 Emily Haunz Stubbins, Granddaughter of Mary Agnes Haunz 1910-2007

Give a tax-deductible donation on our site or send your check to:

Creative Aging Cincinnati
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

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