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Rachael Demir

Expressive Therapy


Artist Bio: Rachael has been doing programs with Creative Aging for over five years and is an experienced Retirement Community Program Director and Art Therapist who knows what it takes to lead a successful and whole person centered group.

Program Description: Details of your program will be discussed following commitment to your program including but not limit to: topic of interest, specific group needs or abilities, destination for travel program, or take away item choice. Let Rachael engage your participants in a seasonal experience or try something new! All programs include art making followed by a discussion where participants share their work and discuss ideas and feelings pertaining to the process. Offerings:

1. Canvas Creation – Participants are invited to explore a topic of choice. Ideas include but are not limited to resilience, faith, reminiscent topics, love and personal interest. They will be assisted in expressing themselves using color, line, words, symbols, and movement using non-toxic acrylic paint on a real canvas. Once it’s dry it can be hung immediately-no frame needed. Abstract art and personal expression for all to see.

2. Purposeful Poetry – Participants of all abilities are assisted in creatively writing and expressing themselves through poetry and tangible object. Artwork and writing is based on topic choice of the day including but not limited to: Season, music, emotion, popular topic or famous poet. Following written expression, participants are assisted in creating a related object using familiar items and reminiscent objects.

3. Travel Treasures – Creating a token of your memory can be very powerful. Program participants can visit somewhere new or familiar, near or far. Group members are provided with supplies and instruction in creating an altered tin, souvenir style charm, or travel themed dimensional art (depending on group needs and abilities). There will also be opportunities to reminisce, learn and share about all things travel!

4. The Power of Color – Color is a powerful thing that influences many aspects of our life. This program explores color symbolism, theory, and emotional connections while simultaneously creating a decoupaged abstract work of art that can be used to cover bulletin boards, turned into useful objects or simply framed for display. Objects include but are not limited to: journals, framed work, bulletin board background, design objects, ornaments, and door hangers.

Recommended For: Due to the high interaction level of these programs, group size limited to 15. Participants of all abilities and cognition are welcome.
Equipment Needs: None
Schedule/Availability: Facilities inside the 275 loop.  A six week notice or more is required when booking.
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/rachaeldemir