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Cincinnati Ballet

Movement Class


Program Description:
CB Moves for Seniors 6 week residency

CB Moves for Seniors classes offer an inclusive approach to ballet, making this elegant art form accessible to everyone. Over 6 classes, dancers will use dance to enhance strength, flexibility, balance and musicality while nurturing their individual artistic expression. Our specially trained faculty cultivate artistry, teach ballet technique, and encourage a sense of community through dance. Dancers can choose whether they’d prefer to dance seated, standing, or with a mobility device—all exercises can be modified to the mobility needs of those present. We believe that everyone can dance ballet, and it’s never too late to start. No tutus required!

CB Moves for Seniors Workshop

CB Moves for Seniors workshops introduce the fundamentals of ballet in a single-day class designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all. In this immersive experience, participants will explore the core elements of ballet, improving strength, flexibility, balance, and musicality. Our specially trained faculty will guide you through the basics of ballet technique in a friendly and welcoming environment. They prioritize building a sense of community among participants and fostering connections through the joy of dance. Whether you choose to dance seated, standing, or with mobility assistance, our tailored exercises ensure that everyone can participate comfortably and confidently. No prior experience is required.

Equipment Needs: Chairs
Recommended For: Anyone who wants to dance and move their bodies.
Availability/Schedule: Monday-Friday between 9-3:00
Website: www.cballet.org