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ElderArts Workshop


Presenter Bio:

Pamela Futvoye Shooner uses the Dramakinetics (DK) method for  arts integrated instruction, and for training teachers, therapists, and caregivers in the use of the DK model for purposes of their own.  She designed the The DKElderArts program for caregivers of seniors who have various types of dementia. Through her diverse use of Dramakinetics, Ms. Shooner has served over 8,000 adults and children with diverse abilities. She continues to train others in the Dramakinetics method for educational, recreational, and wellness purposes.

 Program Description:

The DKElderArts workshop shows the types of activities used to motivate participants’ creative self-expression through a sequence of drama, music, and movement activities.  The activities are designed to validate and support remaining abilities and caring relationships of residents who have Alzheimer’s-type dementia. A staff person must accompany seniors for the entire program.

The program promotes the following goals:

  • circulatory function and sensory integration through physical movement
  • awareness and processing of environmental stimuli
  • sustained meaningful interaction among peers, staff, and family during the program
  • responsive social interaction outside the program

The DKElderArts workshop is a general overview of a class and is intended to create interest in developing a program geared toward specific goals of their residents.  The more classes, the greater effect upon social, cognitive and physical function.

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For:  Designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.
Schedule/Availability: This program can be fitted to meet the needs of your organization or community.
Website: http://www.dramakinetics.net/