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Karenna Miller



Biography: Karenna Miller, also known as “Storyteller Soror,” enjoys connecting audiences to the authentic faery tales first published by the Grimm Brothers in 1812. Her book, 37 Ancient Faery Tales, is the basis of her programs. As a former caregiver to the elderly,  librarian and yoga instructor, Storyteller Soror brings a depth of experience to relating to elder audiences that creates a warm and inviting environment for learning and participation. To view her full list of publications, click here: Karenna Miller Author Page.

Program Description:
Storyteller Soror engages her audience with ancient tales that are rarely heard today in their intact form. She also spins her own tales to transport wisdoms gleaned from her years poring over the Grimm Brother collection. Soror’s storytelling circles include background context for the stories selected, and participatory singing between tales. The program concludes with Storyteller Soror holding space for audience members to share feelings evoked by the tales and ask questions.

Select stories on a theme as the basis for one program or a series over time. You can choose from the following popular themes, or request a customized theme.

  1. Lessons in Growing Up
  2. Temptation and Integrity
  3. Deception and Truth
  4. Inescapable Nature and Fate
  5. Jealousy and Beauty
  6. Greed and Foolishness
  7. Feminine Empowerment

Equipment Needs: A circle of chairs.
Recommended For: Independent living, assisted living and healthcare residents, including “family programs” that welcome friends, kids and grandkids!
Availability/Schedule: Flexible — weekends, weekdays, mornings, afternoons and evenings.