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Gary Crouch



Artist Bio:  Gary Crouch is a historian, educator, and freelance writer.  He enjoys sharing the sports history, especially of Cincinnati and other Ohio teams, with informative, entertaining, and sometimes surprising programs.  His other topics on the history of space are listed below.
Program Description: Gary’s programs incorporate a Powerpoint presentation and lecture in which he shares his wide knowledge and enthusiasm for history.  Some programs also include memorabilia or other items to display


1.  Cincinnati Baseball History- “Cincinnati Baseball Myth Busters”, “So You Think You Know Cincinnati Baseball” and many more.
2.  Space exploration- “The Space Race”, “Ohio’s Astronauts: Space Exploration Pioneers ”, ” Apollo Program and the Moon Landings”
3. “Cincinnati Union Terminal: From White Elephant to Hall of Justice”
4. Cincinnati Bengals’ History
5. Cleveland Browns’ History
6. Brief History of the NFL: It Started in Ohio!

Equipment Needs: Projector and screen or blank wall and a six foot table to display photos and other memorabilia.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open