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Janice (“Sunflower”) Trytten

Native American History and Culture


Artist Bio: Originally from Oklahoma, Janice is a historian, reenactor, professional hornist (french horn) and native flutist dedicated to lifelong study. She has released three albums of music. Preview her music here:


Program Description: Living history reenactment, historical context and interactive lecture with soothing Native American music.

1. Visitor from the Plains – Hands on, interactive living history program. Janice as “Sunflower” reenacts the fur trade era with artifacts related to the lives of the Plains Indian. Soothing native flute music calms and opens the ears. A buckskin shirt is passed from hand to hand to be weighed and worn on the arm. Participants are shown and invited to touch bison and deer hides, smell white sage, see gourds, hear “deer toes” and more engaging all senses. Taste buds experience sunflower seeds or jerky if appropriate for the group. Participants are invited to share their stories.
Equipment Needs: Wheeled cart accessibility for indoor presentation.

2. Native Flutes Concert with Lecture/Demo – Participants are calmed with the sound of the Native flute transporting listeners to an earlier time. Janice will display her large collection of flutes, play each one and talk about their construction, makers and materials. She will provide a top quality sound system and can wear Plains-style Native American clothing.
Equipment Needs: Grounded electrical outlet for sound system and a 4′ x 4′ table or larger.

Recommended For: Everyone
Availability/Schedule: Open