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Jared Lischkge

Guitar and Vocals

Artist Bio
: I love to make music! I have been playing guitar for 30+ years and performing live for 20+ years. I mostly play cover songs, but I also write original songs. I play the piano and banjo, although not currently part of my live performance. Married with 3 kids, I live on the West side and work an office job in Blue Ash.

Program Description: I am a bit of a one-man band. I primarily play acoustic guitar and sing, but I bring in rhythm/bass/lead guitar, percussion, and an occasional harmonica. I can cover a wide spectrum of music (folk, country, pop, rock) from the 1950’s all the way to today’s music.

Equipment Needs: None, I got this.

Recommended For: A group looking for a mix of upbeat/fun acoustic songs with some melodic tunes, all surely to please the crowd.

Availability/Schedule: I am looking to play, let’s do it!