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Kyle Meadows and Tisa McGraw

Instrumentalists on Hammered Dulcimer and Celtic Harp


Artist Bio: A frequent performer with the Cincinnati Fine Arts Fund and Kentucky Arts Council, Kyle is a distinguished instrumentalist playing traditional Appalachian, Celtic, Old-time and Holiday music. His hammered dulcimer has a beautiful uplifting and soothing sound. Tisa McGraw has been playing the Celtic harp for over twenty years, her delicate and beautiful handling of the instrument influenced by years of practice as a massage therapist. The hammered dulcimer and harp are among the most ancient of stringed instruments, and together, create a beautiful, lush sound.
1. Hammered Dulcimer Music – Can be concert or background music depending on desired atmosphere.
2. Traditional Stringed Instruments – A multi-instrument program combining the hammered dulcimer, lap dulcimer, mandolin and banjo. Each instrument is discussed and demonstrated.

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open
Website: https://kylemeadows.com/