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Frank and Nancy Bick Clark

Celtic Harp, Bodhran, Recorder, and Vocals


Artist Bio: Nancy & Frank have been performing for seniors for over 30 years with Celtic, traditional and original tunes as well as familiar songs for different seasons on Celtic harp, bodhrán (Irish drum), recorder and vocals. Nancy, who has performed with the Chieftains, has performed with Frank at the Milwaukee Irish Festival, as well as churches, libraries, and retirement communities in the Tri-State. Both Frank and Nancy have taught harp and bodhran workshops and have performed throughout the Southeast at harp gatherings and Scottish Games. In addition to the duo, Nancy is available as a solo – either for a live concert or as background enhancing a tea or reception.
Program Description: Frank and Nancy engage the audience with active participation on familiar songs, ranging from Irish to show tunes, Appalachian, and international, tailored to different seasons. They take time to share the background of each song, and to encourage active participation. They have performed for audiences ranging from those with dementia to independent living. Can perform virtually through Zoom.


1. New Year and Midwinter Songs
2. Valentine’s Day Love Songs
3. Irish Songs, Jigs and Reels for March
4. Americana Tunes and Patriotic Songs for Summer
5. Autumn Songs, including Halloween and Thanksgiving
6. Celtic Holiday Roots

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Distance beyond 275 will be considered on a case by case basis.