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Artist Bio:  Kaleidoscope is a quartet that entertains in four part “a cappella” harmony and often hears “you have to come back”.  After forming the quartet several years ago, our first public performance was singing the National Anthem at a Reds game.  Since then, we have performed in many Greater Cincinnati venues.  Marty Butherus is the Lead singer.  David Beaudry adds the Bass notes.  Perry Washburn floats the high tones.  And Steve Gasparec adds the fourth voice part to make the chords ring.
Program Description:  Everyone needs to have harmony in their life.  Our foursome enjoys entertaining audiences with a selection of harmonious tunes from the Beatles, The Righteous Brothers, Neil Sedaka, Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, The Drifters, and various other artists.  Our program is typically 45 minutes to an hour long.  Audience members who aren’t listening with a smile are often seen quietly singing along with us to the tunes they remember well.
Equipment Needs:  Our voices are all the equipment required.  Depending on audience size or venue we may choose to bring our sound system in which case all we need is an electrical outlet.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Weekday evenings and all day on weekends.