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Raison D’Etre

Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion and Vocals


Artist Bio: Violet Rae Webster, Vickie Ellis, and Roberta Schultz are three women who live to sing together. Described by one critic as “divinely stirring,” their singing seems to define this team of singer songwriters. Traditional folk songs, a capella swing tunes, and cowboy anthems round out this trio’s versatile repertoire, all delivered in their pure Kentucky blend.
1. Swing Canaries – A program from the swing era featuring several Andrews Sisters selections and big band songs. A wonderful hour of knee bobbing, toe tapping, smile until it hurts music.

2. Sister Acts – Featuring the Boswell Sisters from the 30s, the Andrews Sisters from the 40s, the Clooney Sisters and McGuire Sisters from the 50s, the Lennon Sisters from the 60s and the Roches and Raison D’Etre from the 80s and 90s. This is a delightful nostalgic journey through the powerful eras of music.

3. Songs from the Old West – Before Western Swing and movie cowboys, what were the real cowboys singing on the lone prairie? Join folk trio, Raison D’Etre (as the Golden Girls of the West) for an hour of cowboy tunes. Saddle up for some singin’!

Equipment Needs: If your facility or event is large enough to require a sound system(PA), you must provide the sound system.
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open
Website: https://raison3.com