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Roberta Schultz (member of Raison D’Etre)

Guitar and Vocals


1. The Story Behind the Song – Many songs from the American song book have interesting stories behind them. Join Roberta for a program on songs with a story. Who really wrote “You are My Sunshine”? What song caused Civil War Soldiers to desert in record numbers? Which number one Andrew Sister’s hit had a big copyright dispute and was banned from the radio? Find out these answers and more as you listen, sing and explore.

2. The Unifying Power of Chant – All cultures have some kind of ceremonial singing for unifying their members. Join Roberta to explore the chants of different cultures including examples from Asian and North American traditions. Sing a familiar carol that comes from Gregorian chant in three distinct chant singing styles and learn how to create a chant using your own “words to live by”.

3. Songs from the Old West – Before Western Swing and movie cowboys, what were real cowboys singing on the lone prairie? Join Roberta for an hour of cowboy tunes.

Equipment Needs: If your facility or event is large enough to require a sound system(PA), you must provide the sound system
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open
Website: https://robertaschultz.com