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Michele Vollmer

Dance and Wellness Instructor


Instructor Bio: Michele has over 20 years of experience teaching ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop to all ages.  She also is a certified Dance Jamz fitness instructor. Michele offers five types of programs.

Program Descriptions:

1. Dance Party: Michele will use a variety of fun, energetic music and simple choreography to move all parts of the body.  Everyone will have so much fun they won’t even realize they are getting a workout too!  The moves can be easily adapted for participants who are sitting or standing.

2. Ballet/Lyrical: A combination of classical and expressive music will be used to move the body in graceful, fluid movements.  Basic ballet steps will be taught, and then we expand on that and make the movements more expressive. The simple choreography will help with strength, flexibility and can improve posture. The moves can easily be adapted for participants who are sitting or standing.

3. Musical Theater Tap: Basic tap steps will be taught and put together into combinations set to some of your favorite songs from Broadway. The choreography will be simple and fun. Tap shoes are not necessary. The moves can easily be adapted for participants who are sitting or standing.

4. NEW! Be Healthy. Be Active: Michele will spend thirty minutes sharing tips on how to incorporaate simple changes into your daily life to become healthier.  The  next thirty minutes will include stretching and functional exercises. These can be modified for standing or sitting in a chair.

5.  NEW! SoulCore: SoulCore is a movement that combines core strengthening, stretching and functional exercises with prayers of the rosary.  Music, Bible scripture, reflections on Jesus’ life and movement are combined to nourish body, mind and soul.  It is an invitation to integrate body and soul in prayer, fully orienting the heart and mind toward Christ.

Equipment Needs: None
Recommended For: Everyone
Schedule/Availability: Open